College Administration

Dr. Rey Rivera

Dr. Rey Rivera

Estrella Mountain Community College President

Since assuming the role of president in 2019, my focus has been on making EMCC the campus that meets students where they are. As a first-generation college graduate, I am living proof of the transformative power of education. A higher education degree took me out of the cycle of poverty and gave me and my children a higher quality of life. Education put me on a path where a kid growing up in a San Antonio “barrio” could become a college professor, a dean, a vice president, and now a president who can dedicate their professional career to creating similar opportunities for other students in our communities.

Of course, socioeconomic mobility is essential; however, education has other, equally important, benefits. Education promotes understanding, appreciation, and tolerance by exposing us to diverse people, perspectives, and experiences that help build better and stronger communities.

In 2022, EMCC turned 30 years old. As I reflect on our College's history and its impact on the West Valley communities, I am overjoyed and humbled at the number of lives we have positively impacted. Looking forward to the future, I hope that EMCC continues to be the College of the community and for the community. During my tenure, we will continue to strive for EMCC to be the beacon of hope and opportunity for everyone willing to embark on their education journey. To that end, we will continue to focus on our strategic priorities and the implementation of 4DX to achieve our most Wildly Important Goal (WIG)-student completion. See our progress here.

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Office of the President Departments


Angela Acuñ​​a - Assistant to the College President

Minerva Pargas - Chief of Staff

Alissa Manzoeillo - Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Jonathan Robles - Director of Alumni, Corporate, and Foundation Relations 

John Snelling - Associate Vice President, Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE)


Patricia Cardenas-Adame, Ph.D.

Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Patti overseas the Student Affairs department. The Student Affairs team administers a variety of support services which promote the continued enrollment and success of our students. The Vice President of Student Affairs has oversight of the departments listed below.


Vice President of Student Affairs

Patricia Cardenas-Adame, Ph.D. - Vice President of Student Affairs

Sharon Lind - Administrative Coordinator

Deans of Students

Laura Dulgar - Dean of Students - Enrollment 

Isaac Torres - Dean of Students - Retention


Paula Livingston

Vice President of Academic Affairs

The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs administers all areas of instruction, including faculty and curriculum. This division provides much of the academic support vital to the success of our students in their academic pursuits at EMCC and beyond.


Vice President of Academic Affairs

Paula Livingston, Ed.D. - Vice President of Academic Affairs

Elizabeth Baca - Administrative Coordinator

Deans of Instruction

Sylvia Orr, Ph.D. - Dean of Instruction (Academic Support)

Becky Baranowski - Interim Dean of Instruction (Workforce, Math, and Science)



Leda Johnson

Vice President of Administrative Services

Welcome to the Estrella Mountain Community College Division of Administrative Services. The Administrative Services Team is responsible for several areas critical to the general operations of the college, including behind-the-scenes functions that are vital to providing an effective and supporting learning environment for our students and productive work environments for our employees. The Vice President of Administrative Services has oversight of the departments listed below. 

Administrative Services Departments


Vice President of Administrative Services

Leda JohnsonVice President of Administrative Services

Chad GalliganAssociate Vice President

Sandra Chavez - Administrative Coordinator