Honors Achievement Award Scholarship

Honors Achievement Award Scholarship

The Honors Achievement Award is for current Maricopa Community College students who have already completed at least twelve (12) college credits (100 level or higher, letter grade) and are maintaining at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA. It will assist with tuition, registration, and/or books.

The Honors Achievement Award is based on the number of credit hours a student is enrolled in/for the fall/spring semester:

  • $500  for 12+ credit hours
  • $325  for 9-11 credit hours
  • $244  for 6-8 credit hours

The maximum award is $500 per semester, per student to assist with college tuition, registration fees, books or supplies.

NOTE: If you need to drop a class or add another one back into your schedule, please contact the Honors Office so we can discuss how these changes may affect your scholarship.

Deadline for applying: 45th day of each Fall and Spring semester

Eligibility Requirements

  • Completion of at least 12 credit hours (100 level or higher with a letter grade) from a MCCCD college
  • Enrolled in a MCCCD college
  • 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA (exception: pass/fail classes that are required for the student's degree program)
  • Complete and submit Honors Achievement Award application

Honors Achievement Award Scholarship Requirements

Honors Achievement Award scholars must meet and maintain the following requirements for the program:

  • Attend Honors orientation and all mid-semester check-ins
  • MCCCD cumulative GPA of 3.25 each semester in the program
  • Enroll in minimum of 6 credits (100 level or higher, letter grade) for four (4) semesters
  • Attend one (1) co-curriculars, complete the require reflection, and submit the reflection by the due date
  • Complete one (1) Honors Project each semester in the program (in either a cohort, section or as an Individual Honors Project) for a total of four (4) projects (graduation from the Honors Program requires five (5) Honors Projects)
  • Ensure that three (3) of the four required Honors Projects are in different prefixes

Example 1: A student completes Honors Projects in English 101 (ENG), Math 142 (MAT), History 103 (HIS) and Sociology 130 (SOC). The student has four (4) different prefixes: ENG, MAT, HIS, and SOC and has met the requirement.
Example 2: A student loves her literature and English classes and completes Honors Projects in English 101 (ENG), English 102 (ENG), English Humanities: Banned Books & Censorship (ENH), and English Humanities: Mythology. The student has only two (2) different prefixes: ENG and ENH and would need another class with a different prefix to meet the requirement.