Honors Experiences

Honors Experiences

Explore, Engage, Make, Do

The Honors Program at EMCC offers students a variety of ways to demonstrate their critical thinking, effective communication, integrity and preparation for future success both in and out of the classroom. All 1st and 2nd semester Presidents' scholars are required to register for an Honors class (either a cohort or section).

Honors Cohort Classes

Honors Cohort classes consist of all Honors students who are engaging in advanced research and scholarship. The Honors project is built into the class by the professor and it may be an a group, pair or individual project. The Honors Program offers two special Honors cohorts: HON190: The Honors Experience and HON201: Leadership Development, classes designed to develop Honors student's critical and creative thinking, research, and leadership skills. Honors students can not enroll in cohort classes online--please visit or call the Admissions and Registration Office to enroll.

HON190: The Honors Experience

Interdisciplinary studies of selected issues confronting the individual and society and overall human experience. Critical inquiry of specific themes from a wide variety of academic viewpoints. Comprehensive and interdisciplinary review of global, historical, and cultural trends, supplemented by readings and discussion. Varied content due to changing honors forum themes and issues.

HON201: Leadership Development

Interdisciplinary study of leadership focusing on development of leadership skills.

Honors Section

Honors sections consist of a small group of Honors students who are engaging in advanced research and scholarship within a larger class. The Honors project is built into the class by the professor and it may be an a group, pair or individual project.

Independent Honors Project

Honors students who are not enrolled in an Honors cohort or section can complete an Independent Honors Project in a class of their choice. The Honors student will need to approach the faculty member of her/his choice and ask about completing an Honors project in their class. Remember, faculty don't know which students are Honors students unless the faculty member is teaching an Honors cohort or section.

Honors Co-curricular Events/Experiences

Honors Co-curricular events are opportunities for Honors scholars to engage in academic and cultural events that can deepen their critical/creative thinking. These events can be speakers, performances, museum exhibits with guided docents sharing important information about the art, or participating in Service Learning, a volunteer experience that allows you to give back to your community. Honors students are asked to attend/participate in a co-curricular of their choice from the approved Fall/Spring co-curricular list in Canvas, engage in the experience and then complete a reflection in which they discuss their reaction to that event/experience.

NOTE: Only 3rd and 4th semester Presidents' scholars are allowed to complete an Independent Honors Project.

For example, if your CPD150 class is requiring 10 hours of Service Learning, that cannot count as a co-curricular as it is a requirement for your CPD150 class--its course curriculum.  

Another example, you're asked to present in your SOC101 class on a project you did last semester. Presenting or performing cannot count as a co-curricular for you as you're not able to be an audience member who observes the event. If you'd like to present your project to the campus, the Honors office could coordinate a date/location and your event would be a co-curricular for your fellow Honors students (again, presenting wouldn't count as your co-curricular in this example but it does provide you with experience and items to add to your resume as well as give your peers a chance to see your work).