Kinds of Honors Scholars

Kinds of Honors Scholars

Honors Program at EMCC offers three ways for students to becoming Honors scholars: Presidents' Honors Scholarship or Honors Achievement Award.

Presidents' Honors Scholarship--is awarded to incoming first-year college students who meet the criteria; this scholarship covers 4 semesters at 15 credits each semester for a total of $1290.00 per semester/$5220.00 for two years (including registration fees each semester)

Honors Achievement Award--is awarded to current college students who have already completed at least twelve (12) college credits (100 level or higher, letter grade) and are maintaining a accumulative GPA of 3.25; this scholarship provides a maximum of $500 per semester (based on 12 credits) for a total of $2000.00 for two years

Clarion Award Scholar--is awarded to current college students who have earned 6, 7 or 8 English placement score and/or DACA students