Supporting Your Honors Student

Supporting Your Honors Student

We recognize many students find and maintain success in their education because of supportive family and friends. Transitioning from high school or the “real world” to college can be challenging and then adding the additional requirements of maintaining an Honors scholarship can make it seem overwhelming, but with support from family and friends, Honors students—whether they are first semester or fourth semester—can meet and conquer any obstacle.


  • Ask your Honors student about Honors Orientation and program requirements so you’re both familiar with policies and procedures. 
  • Encourage and support your Honors student in asking questions when s/he/they is confused.

  • Learn about college and Honors resources like the Honors Canvas course, Honors web pages, and handbook so your Honors student knows where to go for help.

  • Encourage your Honors student to go to office hours to meet with her/his/their professor(s) to get clarification on course assignments, answers to questions, or to develop a mentor-mentee relationship that can lead to letters of recommendation.

  • Encourage and support your Honors student in creating and keeping a regular schedule that includes balance between family, school, work and a social life.

  • Encourage and support your Honors student in developing time management skills by setting specific times to read, study, and complete assignments/projects.

  • Encourage and support your Honors student in engaging in college and Honors activities.

  • Encourage and support your Honors student in utilizing the Academic Success Center for math, science, reading and writing tutoring.

  • Remind your Honors student to keep organized files for their educational documents like assignments, projects, scholarship essays, projects, presentations and resume/cover letters.

  • Encourage and support your Honors student in maintaining her/his/their health by eating and sleeping regularly, drinking plenty of water and breaking up study time with physical activity.

  • Understand that failure is part of the learning process. Failure is an opportunity for any student to learn and reflect on developing skills and abilities.

  • Education is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, but it can often be an emotional experience so remember to be kind to yourself and your Honors student.