Honors Expo

The Honors Expo happens every Fall semester and is an Honors Project showcase. Honors scholars are invited to share their projects with the college. This is one of the most popular events on campus and faculty and college employees make a point to attend. To participate, Honors students just need to complete the digital application. The application allows the Honors office to schedule the presentations and create a digital program to be share with the campus. No Honors student will be turned away from participating in this event.

Honors presentation are judged by various faculty and the winners are invited to the Western Regional Honors Conference.

Kinds of Presentations

Presentations can take a number of formats including:

  • Oral presentation with the aid of a PowerPoint, Prezi or similar presentation tool
  • Poster presentation in which a poster designed by the Honors student will be enlarged and posted to a bulletin board for discussion
  • Performance
  • Video/Film Showing

Honors Expo 2019


Western Regional Honors Conference (WRHC)

Winners of the Honors Expo are invited to present/attend the Western Regional Honors Conference. WRHC is a gathering of high achieving undergraduate honors students of all academic backgrounds, from technical research to theatrical performance, sharing their undergraduate research. The three (3) highest scored presentations will be selected to attend WRHC. For presentations comprised of pairs/groups of student researchers, the students will need to select one of them to represent the pair/group.