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The Taste of Success

The Culinary program at EMCC provides students with the creative and technical skills necessary for a rewarding career in food service. EMCC offers an Associate degree focusing on different aspects of the art. Graduates from the Culinary program will receive an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Culinary Arts.

The Taste of Success

The Culinary program faculty are industry professionals who have experience using the latest tools and trends. They will share their knowledge with you to help prepare you to work in the only field that blends creativity and cuisine.

Culinary students are given a broad foundation of culinary education that includes over 500 hours of hands-on lab work in our fully equipped kitchen, as well as courses in food service management. The program also serves lunch during the fall and spring semesters in our on-campus restaurant, Regions.

You will have the chance to take courses on different cuisines, buffet, cold kitchen, and baking to provide a well-rounded education that trains students for jobs in the professional food service industry. Graduates of the program are prepared for entry level positions in the kitchens of restaurants, hotels, catering services, and institutional operations.

When you enroll in the Culinary program, you become part of the Culinary Institute at EMCC, which helps students succeed by offering educational networks, scholarships, internships and other professional opportunities within their selected field of study.

  • Every student needs to attend the new student orientation. This event is designed to inform incoming students about the EMCC campus, available resources, faculty and staff expectations, opportunities offered, and the importance of identifying their personal and educational goals.

  • When you enroll, you become part of the Culinary Institute. The Institute orientation is your opportunity to connect with faculty, staff and other students. You’ll hear about resources just for your program as well as be able to connect with a variety of EMCC’s business partners for future internships, scholarships or career opportunities.

  • Finally, when you’re ready, you’ll want to keep an eye open for EMCC’s graduation deadlines in order to fully celebrate your big day.

What does EMCC’s Culinary Institute offer for learning spaces? Check out the photo gallery to see our state-of-the-art facilities and teaching spaces that give you the opportunity to learn, study and experience college life in realistic settings.

Looking for a taste of what it's like in the culinary program? Watch the program director, Steve Griffiths, demonstrate the kind of hands-on learning you'll get in EMCC's Culinary Arts program.

Chilled Cantaloupe Soup

Roasted Pork Loin

Sour Cream Apple Pie

Entry Requirements

In order to become a student in the Culinary Arts program, students must complete the following process:

  1. Enroll in the college and meet with a Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Management advisor. Define your academic goals with the advisor, whether that is an Associate degree and/or transfer to a four year institution.

  2. Program prerequisites require the completion of the following courses with a "C" or better: ENG091, RDG091, and MAT 090, 091or 092,

    or placement into higher level English, Reading, and Math courses 

    or equivalent by assessment.

  3. Register for classes with assistance from Culinary Arts advisor.

  4. Attend a Culinary Institute Orientation.

  5. Obtain a Maricopa County Food Service Worker Certificate before the start of classes. More information can be found at

  6. Purchase uniforms and tools that are required for lab courses. More information on uniforms and tools can be found at