Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based work program designed to assist students in meeting their financial obligations while attending school. As eligibility for these positions is dependent upon "need," students must complete the financial aid process before eligibility for FWS can be determined. If you have not yet applied for Federal Financial Aid, you may apply on-line at studentaid.gov.

NEW STUDENTS: Apply on the EMCC Jobs site.

RETURNING STUDENTS: You will not be automatically awarded Work Study. It is up to you to apply for financial aid. Keep in mind that Work Study is financial aid in the form of a job. Therefore, supervisors do not have the ability to hire you back as FWS if you are not awarded Work Study.

Federal Work Study Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students need to have a completed FAFSA application for the current academic aid year at EMCC, be eligible for Federal Aid, and have financial need.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least six credits at EMCC that apply towards their declared program plan for each term during the Academic Year.

    At least six credits MUST be taken at EMCC.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress


  1. Visit EMCC Jobs website to view available FWS positions. Available FWS positions will be located under “Student Workers”.
  2. Contact EMCC Career Services for assistance with preparing resume & cover letter if needed.
  3. Apply for the desired position.
  4. Candidates will be interviewed.
  5. Eligible candidates will be notified by the Supervisor and will be directed to complete the HR hire process.

NOTE: Returning FWS employees - You will not be automatically awarded Work Study. It is up to you to apply for financial aid early. Talk with your Supervisor if interested in rehire.

  • The hourly rate is dependent on the type of work done and the skills required.
  • The maximum amount a FWS employee can earn is limited to their amount of FWS award.
  • FWS is NOT disbursed in a lump sum. It is paid through bi-weekly paychecks for hours actually worked. There is no guarantee that students will earn the full amount of the FWS award.
  • FWS is not eligible for overtime.
  • Once the student reaches their earnings limitation, there is no guarantee for continued employment. Federal Work-Study employees should track their earnings and FWS award as well as communicate with their supervisor regarding FWS balance and employment status.