Financial Aid

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based work program designed to assist students in meeting their financial obligations while attending school. As eligibility for these positions is dependent upon "need," students must complete the financial aid process before eligibility for FWS can be determined. If you have not yet applied for Federal Financial Aid, you may apply on-line at FAFSA website.

If you are interested in Federal Work Study positions open positions are listed on the following website:

If you have already obtained a position, then have your supervisor notify the Financial Aid Office to determine how much (if any) FWS you are eligible for.

As a Work-Study employee, you are limited to earn the amount of your FWS award and must maintain minimum enrollment of at least six credits per semester at EMCC. A FWS award is NOT disbursed in a lump sum, but through bi-weekly paychecks for hours actually worked. There is no guarantee that you will earn the full amount of your FWS award.

Once you reach your earning limitation, your supervisor may continue your employment under their divisional budget. Due to budget restrictions, there is no guarantee for a continued employment under the division's budget.

Generally speaking, FWS usually does not exceed twenty (20) hours per week. In some cases, you may work more than twenty (20) hours per week; however, you may never exceed 40 hours in one week.