Hire Process

Hire Process

1. Create the position in HCM.

  • Reach out to EMCC HR if assistance is needed.

2. Send an email to dl-emc-humanresources@estrellamountain.edu to request information on how to post the position.

3. Screen and Interview qualified candidates.

4. Supervisor will complete a FWS Eligibility Verification Request (FEVR) and email the spreadsheet to the Financial Aid Office (FAO).

  • FEVR is located in the “Downloads” section of this page.
  • Follow FEVR instructions on the first tab.

5. If the FAO verifies student eligibility on the FEVR, the hiring Supervisors will need to submit a “Request to Hire” help desk ticket to initiate the hiring process.

  • The HDT requires some of the following data points: Supervisor Name, Candidate Name, Position Number, Start Date, hourly rate, and Type of Hire.
  • FWS Supervisors are responsible for selecting appropriate pay rates for FWS students. The FWS employees can only work positions within the FWS salary range.
  • Pay rate information can be found on the District HR website: https://maricopa.sharepoint.com/sites/DO/human-resources/hr-tools/Pages…

6. Once the eligible FWS student(s) have completed all the HR requirements and have an EMP ID number, the Supervisor will email the FEVR back to the FAO with missing information – EMP ID, Start and End dates.

7. Hiring Supervisors are required to initiate and have the student complete the Federal Work-Study Student Employment Contract.

  • When completing the contract, the Supervisor needs to use the FWS student’s official Maricopa Employee email.
  • ALL FWS students are required to complete a Federal Work-Study Student Employment Contract when starting work. Returning students must complete the contract every year they wish to participate in FWS.
  • Students need to complete a contract for each FWS job they hold.
  • The FWS Student Employment contract can be found in the “Downloads” section of this page.

8. The hiring Supervisor will ensure the FWS earnings are being monitored. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Supervisors are responsible to terminate FWS for the employee if the student is not enrolled in at least six credit hours at EMCC, is not meeting Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Standards, or is no longer eligible for any reason.
  •  Supervisors are responsible to ensure FWS employees are performing college/organization related work for all hours they are being paid. Students cannot be paid FWS funds for studying, doing homework, attending classes, or any other non-work activity.
  • It is not permissible for FWS to work in an office/organization when a full-time employee or a part-time manager/supervisor level employee is not present. FWS employees must be supervised at all times with a full-time employee or a part-time manager/supervisor level employee present in the work environment.
  • Ensure all hiring/renewal paperwork is completed with the Financial Aid Office (FAO) before the student starts employment. 
    • This includes the Federal Workstudy Student Employment Contract located in the “Downloads” section.
  • Ensure FWS students are following proper payroll, clocking processes, and biweekly submission of timesheets.
  • Comply with all FWS regulations, and all federal, state, and local labor laws and regulations.
    • FWS are not allowed to work overtime and cannot work when the college is closed.
  • Advise students on procedures to follow for reporting emergencies, accidents, problems, or potential hazards in the work environment.
  • Ensure all FWS policies are monitored, including lunch breaks.
  • Supervisors are responsible to immediately notify the EMCC Financial Aid Office (FAO) when a FWS student stops working.

  • When assigning work hours, Supervisors will consider the students award amount, class schedule, and academic progress.
  • Students may work more than 20 hours as long as the student has enough FWS eligibility and hours do not interfere with courses, projects or academic progress.
  • Students cannot be scheduled to work hours when the college is closed.

  • The Job Code structure makes time and absence reporting easier for the employee.
  • FWS employees do not have to select from multiple options when recording time.
  • There are nine Job Codes. The supervisor ensures the position is set up under the correct one.
  • Most departments fall under 4183 - General FWS job code, however, Community Service positions may fall under a different job code.
  • To review the specific job code the department needs to select please review the “FWS Time Reporting & Job Code” document under the “Downloads” section of this page.
  • Contact the EMCC Financial Aid Office (FAO) if you have any questions on Job Codes: dl-emc-financialaid@estrellamountain.edu.

  • Supervisors are responsible to terminate FWS for the employee if the student is not enrolled in at least six credit hours at EMCC, is not meeting Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Standards, or has exhausted their FWS award amount.
  • Supervisors who fail to terminate an employee in HCM upon notification by our office that the student is no longer eligible, or by the established FWS end date(s), or do not follow FWS requirements may not be approved for future FWS funds.

  • FWS may be allowed to work remotely based on work responsibilities as long as the FWS Supervisor provides necessary equipment, access, and ensures data governance policies are followed. Supervisors will also be required to ensure FWS remote work is supervised by assigning and evaluating the work completed by FWS.

Note: some FWS positions cannot work remotely due to the requirements of their positions.

  • At this time the HCM Workstudy Tracking page can no longer be used to monitor earnings. Financial Aid is working with A&R on access for a SIS screen that will provide that data and will send an email (and the FWS website will be updated) when it is available.
  • In the meantime Supervisors can use the FWS amount on the FEVR and the earnings your FWS employee has to do calculations.