Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

Unsubsidized Direct Loans

The Unsubsidized Direct loan is a loan in which the Federal Government does not pay the interest charges. You are charged interest from the day the loan is disbursed until it is fully repaid, including all in-school, grace, and deferment periods. You have the option of paying the interest while in school, or it can be deferred until after graduation. If the interest accumulates it will be capitalized and added to the principle amount of the loan, thereby increasing the total amount of the loan.

The additional unsubsidized loan request can only be submitted if you have already been awarded at EMCC and now want to request additional loan funds. Students must complete the Financial Aid Revision Request form and submit it to the financial aid office before the deadline for the requested semester. If a student’s last day of class is before the deadline, the loan request must be submitted two weeks prior to the students last day of class.

The RALF can be submitted to the financial aid office electronically through the following link:


*Deadline dates are based on the end of the official semester end date. If your last day of class is before the posted deadline dates, you must submit the loan request a minimum of two weeks before your last day of classes.