Refund Appeal

Refund Appeal Process

Refund Appeal Exception Request Process

It is the responsibility of our students at Estrella Mountain Community College to be aware of the refund policy as stated (AR2.2.10) in the college catalog and in the class schedule. Refund deadlines are based on the official start date of the class and the duration of the class. The refund deadline does not change if a student enrolls after the class has started.

After the deadline, you may request a refund if you are unable to complete a class/semester for reasons beyond your control, such as a medical emergency, family death or military commitments. The following reasons are NOT valid reasons to request a refund beyond the deadline: a change in work schedule, child care or semester workload or for failing a course.

Students who may be experiencing academic difficulty in a course are encouraged to seek assistance with the instructor or through other student services available on campus. Students who may be experiencing difficulty with an instructor should follow the Instructional Grievance policy as listed in the college catalog.

In order to review your circumstances, the following items are required. All three items listed below MUST be submitted at the same time.

1. Access the Refund Exception Form.

2. Complete Refund Exception form and provide a written explanation of the circumstances for requesting a refund beyond the deadline date.

3. Include documentation to support your request (i.e., medical documentation completed by a physician, copy of military orders, copy of a death certificate or other death notice, etc.)

4.  Submit completed Refund Exception form and documentation to Admissions and Registration.

Incomplete or undocumented requests will not be reviewed. If your request is approved it may not relieve you of your financial obligation and may affect financial aid or veteran's educational benefits.

Official notification of your refund appeal will be sent to the student's official college email.  Allow three weeks for processing.

The Refund Appeal Exceptions Appeals committee does not review tuition refund exceptions when the basis of the appeal is related to the academic delivery, instructor conflicts, grading, or any academically related request for refund exception. Any and all academic grievances must follow the Instructional Grievance Process the steps are described in the college catalog under Policies.

A student who feels that he or she has been treated unfairly or unjustly by a faculty member with regard to academic process such as grading, testing or assignments, has the right to appeal according to the approved procedures. The appeal process for grades expires one year from the date the grade was issued.